🥳Recent Doings🤪

🥳Recent Doings🤪

Hello! We have done very poorly in updating our blog posts. 🤦🏼‍♀️ We hope to change that! 
If you’re just now discovering us, WELCOME! If you’ve been along for the ride, THANK YOU. 

January 2023 kicked off with some chaos. Why? Because we don’t have enough going on up here, I guess. Sometime near the end of December or beginning of January (because I can’t remember exactly how this all transpired) we decided it would be a good to knock some walls down and put some shelves and wood up. We extended our platform and opened the “back” room. Now we have used books in the shop’s lower lever and new books upstairs in the loft. 

There’s a really cool bookshelf upstairs that required geometry to build (luckily, I wasn’t part of that, and thankful Arlissa and Chad could fight it out and make the vision come to life.) I, Alissa, stained it while in a dress with an old T-shirt over it… 
Just know when you see the bookshelf in question that it was a labor  of love and annoyance and internal crying. Oh, and saw dust. Lots of sawdust. 
Oh, and the WHOLE platform was stained by Derek by HAND. I gotta give credit where it’s due. - But there are also some gappy spots you need to get Derek… 

Thanks Anthony for building our platform and making everything we ask happen!

In the spirit of more chaos we decided to move the counter around and change up several displays. We can tell when people haven’t been in in a while when they say “oh, you moved stuff around”.

It’s been a wild ride. We’ve nearly been here NINE months! I think we will forever be changing up stuff though, but we will try to keep sawdust to a minimum.


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