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Dare to Love My Grumpy Boss - Ellie Hall

Dare to Love My Grumpy Boss - Ellie Hall

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All’s fair in love and dares until your besties dare you to find your Forever Marriage Match.

I met the perfect guy aka Mr. Right. Too bad he worked for a rival company on the other side of the country. And saying we’d met is a bit of a stretch. More like we had a string of flirty email exchanges. However, I can’t say no to a dare...or our digital chats.

When our companies merge, thankfully, I don’t lose my job. The remaining (un)lucky employees are sent on a corporate wilderness survival retreat. When the bus leaves me behind with Mr. Wrong, it’s certain disaster until I discover his identity.

No way.

Shaw Dawson worked hard to get to the top. Wronged by business partners and in relationships, he’s cautious about who enters his trust triangle. He’s the kind of guy to play it safe even though he feels a connection to me that’s stronger than Wi-Fi.

Yes way.

Flirting with a guy from another company seems innocent enough until I learn he’s my new (and very grumpy boss), making dating off-limits.

Despite our proximity, distance grows between us. Will he redeem himself and prove that he’s Mr. Right after all?


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