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Undead Rising - Decide Your Destiny - M.E. Kinkade

Undead Rising - Decide Your Destiny - M.E. Kinkade

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New, Paperback

Finally settle it, once and for all: Would you survive the zombie apocalypse? "Undead Rising: Decide Your Destiny" slams you into New York City just as it is struck by a zombie outbreak, leaving you to decide how to survive when your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers join the undead. With more than 45 different scenarios, it's tough to survive, but even when you die, sometimes you become a zombie-opening up new, monstrous options, including eating celebrities, being used as a genetic experiment, and exploring the Mariana trench. Every time you read "Undead Rising" you have the chance to change your destiny-but every scenario will leave you flipping pages to try again. Note: Nostalgic adults and teens welcome; not a kids' adventure.



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