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Why You Are A Badass - Taylor Daunt

Why You Are A Badass - Taylor Daunt

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Regain Your Self-Esteem For A Happier, Healthier, and Infinitely More Badass Life Today!

Imagine waking up in the morning and being full of life. You are energetic as you get out of bed and are ready to attack the day because nothing can stop you. Any type of challenge that comes your way, you are prepared to face it head-on and overcome it. You take pride in your work and relationships because you understand their worth. You also understand the value that you bring to the day, so you carry yourself with strength and dignity.

In "Why You Are A Badass" You Will Learn:

✓ What is low self-esteem, and how is it developed over time through many different factors.

✓ How low and high self-esteem affects our mindsets, thought processes, and overall lives.

✓ Specific action steps, strategies, and techniques to help improve our self-esteem by rewiring our brain and neural pathways.

✓ Self-Esteem and Valuing Yourself

✓ How You Can Matter to Yourself

✓ How To Clarify Your True Values

✓ Managing Your Ego

✓ The idea of social anxiety and how it plays a role in different social settings.

✓ Specific strategies to help build our self-esteem in different areas of our lives.

✓ The importance of self-care and how it is tied to self-esteem and self-confidence.

✓ Specific techniques to properly initiate self-care from many different aspects.

And so much more!


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