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Right Now, I Am Brave - Dr. Daniela Owen

Right Now, I Am Brave - Dr. Daniela Owen

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Right Now I Am Brave helps children boost confidence & self-esteem to help them overcome their fears

Our brains trick us into thinking that we can't do something when it seems scary. But when you are brave, you can accomplish anything and you'll be glad you did it! Right Now I Am Brave teaches kids how to conquer fear and overcome doubts so that they can dream big and strive for the moon.

Kids will learn the techniques that will teach them how to be brave like a superhero

Firefighters, soldiers, and astronauts aren't the only ones that can be tough and brave. Why not you? When things seem too scary, you may want to run and hide away, but don't feed the WorryBug! Tell yourself "I am enough." Right Now I Am Brave, is filled with positive affirmations for kids and goal-setting to move towards their biggest goals.

Written by a licensed child psychologist to help kids develop a growth mindset using "brave" techniques

Dr. Daniela Owen, Ph.D., assistant professor of clinical psychology at UC Berkeley, can help your child create a little spot of courage in their minds and hearts with the power of affirmations and a handful of other fear-reducing techniques. This book will help kids develop a growth mindset and help them believe: "I can do hard things" and "I am not afraid to fail.”


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